Turn Your Own Lifestyle Struggles And Learnings Into A Business Opportunity To Help Others Become Healthier And Happier.

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Are you currently struggling with any of the below issues?

  • You don’t feel aligned with how you’re making a living
  • You miss purpose, meaning and added value
  • You could pass on your hard learned life lessons to help others, but don’t know how
  • You’re wondering how a business can be profitable if you hate to sell
  • You think you wouldn’t be able to manage a business and keep the balanced lifestyle you pursued In the first place

You have these intentions, but are not living up to them:

  • Break free from your professional routine
  • Your own lifestyle and hard learned life lessons to be the pillars of how you make a living
  • Understand how you can get paid to help others
  • Find the right people for your business and make them thank you for it
  • Leave unoptimised and time-consuming workflows behind

Optimize For Happiness Is Specifically Designed For You, If You:

went through some health and well-being challenges in your personal life (physically or mentally)

made a big change in your lifestyle, habits or routine, allowing you to improve your quality of life

managed to overcome your challenges and transformed into a healthier and happier person

want to pass on your learnings to guide, teach, show or help others achieve the same

are eager to find more purpose, meaning and added value in how you make your living

If you’re still with me, you’re probably in the right place. Hang on and find out exactly what you can gain here at Optimize For Happiness.

Marielien Titeux Creative ideas to turn your skills,  personal experience and life lessons into a business concept

A framework for building market-proof solutions to other people’s problems

 Maps for taking a business to market

 Techniques to help you find the right people and make them thank you for it

 Tools to optimize your workflows and work smarter

Meet Marielien, concept provider and lean marketing coach for Optimize for Happiness. I help create business ideas for people wanting to teach others how to live healthy and happy. As a lean coach, I show wannapreneurs or established entrepreneurs how they can optimize their business, marketing and workflows to make other people more healthy and happy.

I’m a former corporate marketeer in automotive, amongst others working for companies such as BRP and Ford. Working in a highly competitive environment with little room for individual qualities inspired me to go on a quest for more alignement of our work and lives. I spent 1,5 years abroad, mostly Asia and Western Europe, where I explored healthy and happy lifestyles as well as studied business models born on a crossroad of individuality, multiple passions and lifestyle. I launched my first business idea in 2013 and know the ups and downs of lifestyle entrepreneurship. With Optimize For Happiness I’m actively helping out other health and wellness entrepreneurs since 2016.

Solutions Offered To Help You Optimize For Happiness


This FREE WORKBOOK will teach you how to pinpoint, map and framework the skills, personal experiences and life lessons you want to use to further develop your business idea.


How do successful businesses manage their workload? Pretty simple, they don’t 🙂 They use tools to do the work! This is a STARTERSPACKAGE with the newest tools, apps and templates to Optimize your Workflows.

stay true stay you

STAY TRUE, STAY YOU one-on-one creative session to help you with the creative and business side of how you can start helping others become healthy and happy.

Get Paid To Be You

GET PAID TO BE YOU 12-week go-to-market coaching program to help you put your health and wellness concept on to market, in line with your values, authentically and sustainably.


One week HAPPINESS HACKATHON in Portugal, Ibiza or Bali to indulge your mind in the most innovative and elevating workshops. After selective application only!

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